After graduating as an Electrical Engineer, he had a brief career as a Technician.
He decided to follow his entrepreneurial spirit. His love for Architecture and structures sparked his creation of Louani Developments.
Lourens has so far developed over 100 Modern houses in and around Gauteng. He has gained 15 years of experience in construction and project management. Proud to be part of National Home Builders Registration Council And Construction Industry Development Board.
Johan has always been fascinated by architecture, how a space designed in a certain way can influence your reaction or create an emotion by just walking through it.
During his childhood, he would always rush home after visiting a friend’s home or seeing a new building and by using LEGO’s, try and re-create what he experienced. Without even realising it this was his first introduction to architecture. From here on out his passion and love for architecture grew and soon the realisation that this is what he would like to do for the rest of his life. 
He then went on to study architecture and graduated with honours in 2004. Thereafter D&M Architectural Solutions was established in 2006, with one goal in mind, to design homes where people enjoy spending their time and create memories with loved ones.
Through the last 18 years of discovering and practising architecture, to me it’s not just an art form, but a personal relationship during which I learn the desires of my client to design a building that best suits their lifestyle.”
Raymond started off as a junior painter working under a supervisor in 2007.
His commitment and hard work helped him to climb the ladder in the company he soon became a painter supervisor. In 2010 he was offered the position as Site Forman which he grabbed with both hands. When Louani Developments Concrete works was created he took over the role of managing the store as well as the stock . Raymond is an asset to the company and brings a lot of value to our clients.